Meet Our Staff at Aegean Virtual

Meet your CEO: Aiden_Forusz

Hello there! My name is Aiden Forusz and I’m the Chief Executive Officer at Aegean Virtual. I started Infinite Flight many years ago, probably around 2015-2016. I haven’t been very active though until November of 2021. I started by joining a few virtual airlines and was truly fascinated by them. It was at that moment that I knew I wanted to create an airline. After gaining experience throughout the months, I was then offered the Head of External Affairs position at Garuda Virtual in June 2022. I had a great time there helping out. I resigned in October 2022 to create my own virtual airline. I’ve seen that the previous Aegean Virtual has been closed for about a year so I decided to re-establish it. I chose Aegean because it’s a great airline and I love Greece. I hope that with establishing Aegean Virtual, we will be able to maintain a fun, professional, and well-made virtual airline for the infinite flight community to enjoy. I’m also a Scenery Editor and ATC Trainer so feel free to contact me regarding any questions. I look forward to seeing you in the Infinite Flight skies!

Our Chief Pilot: Leo (Balacachini)

Hello! My name is Leo and I live in the beautiful city of Adelaide, Australia. I work in both the sports and hospitality industries. I found my love for aviation back in 2012 when I took my first plane trip to Queensland for a family holiday on the Gold Coast. Ever since, my passion for aviation grew. I discovered Infinite Flight in 2015 when one of my friends in primary school mentioned it to me. Other things I find interesting are politics and the law. I also enjoy exercising regularly, whether it be walks along the beach, cycling in the city, or surfing in the south.

Our HR Manager: Henrik003

Hello, my name is Henrik, I'm 20 years old and I live in Hamburg, Germany. I discovered Infinite Flight in September 2015 and started playing solo. After a few months I bought the multiplayer and started playing. After a few years of flying on the expert server and many flying hours, I joined the IFATC team on 12/31/21 and on 1/6/22 I was promoted to ATC specialist. In March I started radar training and on 06/11/22 I passed my practical and became an IFATC officer on 07/03, I was added to the IFATC tester team. I am looking forward to my work here at Aegean VA as I am very excited to have a great time.