Our Fleet

The Aegean Virtual fleet consists of the A319-100, A320-200, and A321-200.

We also have routes from our subsidiary, Olympic Air. They use the Dash 8-Q400 and their legacy fleet in our virtual airline also uses the 747-200.

The Aegean A320-200

The A320-200 is the pride and joy of our Infinite Flight fleet. Currently, this is the only Aegean in-flight livery. With a max speed of Mach 0.82 and a service ceiling of 39,800ft, we are glad to have this amazing aircraft in our fleet.

Our Olympic 747-200

We are delighted to be able to feature the queen of the skies into our Aegean Virtual fleet through our Olympic Airlines subsidiary. With a ceiling of 45,000ft, a cruise speed of M0.84, and a range of about 6,850nm, this beauty will be able to take you all over the world in style!

The Generic A321-200

We are also glad to welcome the A321-200 into our virtual fleet. Even though that we can only operate the generic livery, we hope that it's larger range and size will be able to assist our airline.

The Generic A319-100

Our Aegean fleet also consists of the A319-100. You will rarely see this aircraft on our routes as Aegean only has 1 in real life but it has the longest range out of all our aircraft at 3,000nm. We hope that you will enjoy this small airbus aircraft!

The Generic Dash 8-Q400

Even though the main part of Olympic's real life fleet consists of ATRs, they have operated the Dash 8-Q400 in the past which is why he have decided to add it to our Infinite Flight fleet. This aircraft will be able to take you from Athens to a variety of different beautiful Greek islands at a maximum height of 27,000ft and cruise speed of 360 knots.